Guyabano Is The Anti – Cancer Food That Pharmacy Industry Hides

Nowadays, the whole world talks about the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases among all the other called cancer. We all know that the conventional treatments can’t do much about this problem. Luckily, the nature provided us with a certain fruit which originates from South America, Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Caribbean, named Gyabano. This miraculous fruit has the ability to fight cancer, and in this article we will show you how.

How Does It Fight Cancer?

According to many experts, the extract from this fruit is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Boosts immune system
  • You are stronger and energetic
  • Protection against infections
  • Fighting cancer in natural and safe way, no side effects, no nausea or weight loss like chemo

The Journal of Natural Products published a study in 1996 which explains that guyabano seeds contain an ingredient which has the ability to select cytotoxicity to the adenocarcinoma colon cells. Moreover, it has been established that the seeds are even better and more effective than the Adriamycin.

Studies have also confirmed that this tropical fruit is also extremely beneficial for our immune system and boosting energy.

It Can Kill 12 Types of Cancer

According to another study, the extract from this fruit is so powerful that it has the ability to find and attack the cancer cells in various types of cancer such as lung, prostate, breast and colon cancer. During the 70s, a large drug producer conducted the study and had more than 20 tests in labs which some of them confirmed the cancer fighting:

Death of cancer cells in 12 cancer kinds

  • The tree extracts are 1000 times better that Adriamycin when it comes to stopping the growth of cancer.
  • Only the affected cells are attacked by the extract, while the healthy ones stay untouched.
  • Except its ability to fight cancer, this tropical fruit also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins that are rarely found in other foods.

Additional Health Benefits:

  • Guyabano is a rich source of thiamin which turns the sugar into energy.
  • Due to its high amount of fibers, it has the ability to prevent constipation and resolve colon issues as well.
  • It is also abundant in potassium which is essential for strong muscles and prevents cramps.
  • Vitamin C that cures urinary problems and removes bacteria.
  • It is also abundant in calcium which is essential for healthy bones.
  • It contains niacin as well which stops bad cholesterol.
  • It is a rich source of riboflavin which has the ability to relieve migraines and headaches.

Due to its abundance in folate, it can stop complications with the fetus which means that this fruit is safe for pregnant women. Both the babies and the mothers need folic acid which is safe for them, and guyabano has it. moreover, it eases up the PMS issues and water retention as well.

This fruit is safe for pregnant women too, and it even stops complications with the fetus since it has folate. This folic acid is safe for mothers and babies, and this fruit also eases up the PMS issues and water retention too.

Source: barenaturaltruth

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