A Glass Of This Juice Can Remove Large Amounts Of Toxins

Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, a dull, dull complexion, bad breath, nausea or weakness and changes in mood may be due to the body being overloaded with toxins.

Lifestyle, alcohol consumption, tobacco, stress, as well as poor diet full of processed foods, fast food, and environmental pollutants make the body carry toxins.

The body needs to eliminate the toxins that accumulate in order to keep us healthy, and although different organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys or intestines among others take care of this task, it is often not enough and we must help the body to detoxify it.

The elimination of toxins from the body, apart from making you feel better also helps in weight loss and it should not be forgotten that to stay healthy and avoid the overload of toxins should be avoided excessive consumption of alcohol as well as stop smoking, follow a Healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Anyone should detoxify their body periodically even before certain symptoms appear, but because of the multitude of detoxifying diets that exist many times it is difficult to choose one.

To facilitate your task in the search for a detoxifying diet we give you an easy and simple recipe that is prepared with only the following ingredients:


-4 medium-sized apples.
-1 lemon.
-3 teaspoons grated ginger.
-1 glass of water.


You should drink this drink in the morning before breakfast.

Apart from detoxifying the body, this drink also helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system, which is important for the elimination of harmful substances that accumulate in the body, as well as improves the absorption of nutrients from food and gives a boost Of energy.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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