Your Body Odor Is Telling This About Your Health! Incredible!

Many think that sweat is body odor but that is not true. Odor is the smell our bodies produce when we eat refined foods and animal products.

Odor gets formed once the bacteria from the groins, armpits, scalp gets in contact with body sweat.

When the body sweats it releases minerals and healthy waste products. But when we consume animal products and refined foods it starts to omit odor.

Different people smell differently. Odor can be an indicator of a health issue: if you suffer from diabetes it will smell fruity, if you suffer from a liver or kidney disease it looks like bleach and if you suffer from trimethylaminuria it will smell like fish.

Men tend to smell like cheese since their bodies contain fatty acids in high levels and women smell like onions since their bodies contain sulphur, according to a study in Geneva.

Odor can be annoying and may even cause psychological and social problems.

So, how to prevent these shameful situations?

Using antiperspirant may cause Alzheimer’s disease due to aluminum content. Only aluminum free antiperspirants should be used.

Avoid antibacterial soaps and use regular ones since they contain triclosan- ingredient which kills both bacteria and human cells.

Natural ways to prevent body odor:

  1. Change your diet: avoid red meat, foods made with hydrogenated oil and which lack in fiber, refined white flour and added sugars. Add fresh fruits, sprouts, greens and leafy vegetables, herbs and mints – parsley, licorice, rosemary, oregano, celery and cilantro to your diet.
  2. Utilize baking soda: wash your armpits with soda.
  3. Take probiotics or/ and chlorella supplements: it will improve your oral health and promote nice odor.
  4. Rub some extra virgin coconut oil: it’s an antibacterial due to the lauric acid.
  5. Use lemon juice instead of deodorant: use this once every few days to prevent development of microorganisms.

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