If You Have These Lines On Your Wrist – You’re Very Special!

Palmistry dates back from India a few thousand years ago and it was developed from Hindu astrology and it was first documented in the Chinese book I Ching.

Historically palmistry spread to Europe and Asia reaching Aristotle and Alexander The Great who used it to judge the characters of his officers. Many people today dismiss palmistry as a skill and it is negatively portrayed in the modern media.

The bracelet lines or rascette lines are the horizontal lines on the underside of your wrists, separating your arm from the hand. They contain information about your future, character, personality and health. Their number gives information about the length of your life the more you have –the longer you’ll live. The first line is the most important.

The first line: states the health and activity.  If it is unbroken, clear, and deeply defined, you will have a long happy healthy life. If it is unclear, broken, or not deeply defined you must change your lifestyle by being relaxed and eating good foods. If it has a lot of cracks, it means you will have many problem while trying to fulfill your dreams.

The second line: states success and satisfaction. If it is pronounced or deeply defined, you will have a luxurious life. If it has cracks, you will have difficulties with finances.

The third line: if it is definite and continuous you have personal and professional influence over others and people always remember you.

The fourth line: it states the longevity and fertility. If it is clear you will have a long life and many children. Don’t worry if it’s bended or broken, you have control over your life and can create positive changes.

The first line indicates 23-28 years of life, the second 46-56, the third one 69-84 and the forth over 84.

If you are a woman and the first line curves upward to the base of the palm or it’s broken, may experience gynecological problems- conceiving or delivering. If men have this type of line they may have urinary, reproductive, or prostate issues.


Hand lines can help us see into the past, present and future but they may also make us annoyed since they mean we can’t control the outcome.

Source: myhealthylifevision

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