Frankincense And Ovarian Cancer – What No One Ever Told You About This Essential Oil

Frankincense is Egyptian, Mediterranean, Arabic, Chinese and Indian drug used for stimulant, respiratory antiseptic and diuretic.

What Is Frankincense?

This oil is derived from the Boswellia trees and can be found in the red sea northeastern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa- Somalia and Ethiopia.

This oil is used to calm your emotions and nervous system, heart rate, lower stress, reduce blood pressure and immune function.

Ovarian Cancer

A study at the University of Leicester found that this oil has properties that can cure ovarian cancer.

“We find out that this frankincense compound is effective at killing ovarian cancer cells at realistic concentrations. The most surprising thing is that the cells we have tested which are resistant to chemotherapy have shown to be more sensitive to this compound. Suggesting frankincense may be able to help overcome drug resistance, and lead to an improved survival rate for patients with late-stage ovarian cancer.” Says Dr Mark Evans.

The scientists believe that this is due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting compounds of the oil.

Brain Cancer

This oil has the power to fight breast cancer brain metastases.

Through caspase stimulation, Frankincense’s 32 Acetyl boswellic acids induce apoptosis.

After being cured with 4,200 milligrams of frankincense per day, 60 percent of brain cancer patients displayed 75 percent or higher reduction in cerebral swelling.

Bladder Cancer

This oil can discriminate the normal and cancerous bladder cells in culture, and explicitly kill cancer cells, according to researchers from University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and Oklahoma City VA Medical Center.

It blocks the cancer cells from growing with arresting cell cycle progression and prompted bladder cancer cell death with stimulating multiple cell death pathways.

This oils acts preventatively in patients who suffer from leukemia, meningioma (brain cancer), neuroblastoma and pancreatic cancer.

When Cancer Cells Don’t Respond To Chemo           

This oil kills cancer cells that don’t react to chemo, according to a study in 2012.

How To Use Frankincense

-you can mix it with coconut or jojoba oil to cure muscle pain

-you can use a diffuser to cure respiratory blockages

-you can mix it with water and consume it internally, just make sure you consult your doctor first.

Source: timeforhealthyfood

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