You’ve Been Doing Pushups Wrong Your Entire Life

If you combine proper exercising with a good diet then your health will be in the top condition. Experts say that not all exercises are easy to do. You might think that you do them correctly, however, you might be wrong. Push-ups is one of the most common exercises that is not done right.

This guy, named Antranik, made a video so that he can show people how to do the push-ups the right way.

Correct way to do push-ups

So, the first thing that needs to be done is to think about the position of your hips. Do not stick to your butt when you do the plank or push-ups. If you tuck your but, your back will stay neutral, keeping the abs affected. The second thong that should be done is to look at your shoulder blades. They protract and retract, thus, the correct push-up exercise means your shoulder blades protract after each push-up. Not following this, you might end up ‘winging’. One or both of your shoulder blades will stick up from the ribs after each push-up.


Tuck your butt and protract the shoulder blades. The hands need to be wide apart, but not too wide. The fingers need to be spread out, turned out a bit, but not too much. In this way you will keep the elbows close to your body. Lear forward a bit. The index finger should face forward, not to the side, or elsewhere.

A bad push-up happens when you turn the hands in instead of outwards.

The forearms should remain vertical, without going back and bending. Lean the shoulders forward.

Follow these steps and reap the benefits of push-ups.

Watch the video.

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