Unbelievable: Heal Joints And Bones With This One Ingredient That We All Have In The Kitchen

Joint pain can be annoying and it can be caused due to several reasons, one being bad body posture. You can cure joint pain using a natural remedy.

Joint Pain Remedy

Mix 2 tbsp of gelatin in ¼ of cup of water and refrigerate it overnight to get a jelly. Mix this jelly with your tea, smoothie, yogurt or eggs. For best results mix the jelly with lemon water or bell peppers and eggs.

Use this mixture for 6 days to alleviate joint pain since it acts as a lubricant for your joints. If you do this for a month you will see the benefits and cure joint stiffness and pain.

Take a break for half a year and take the mixture again. Gelatin supports the growth and enhances the structure of the joints due to proline and hydroxyproline which are essential amino acids.

Other Health Benefits of Gelatin

-Regulates Hormones

-Improving Hair, Skin and Joint/tendon health

-Soothes the Digestive tract

-Stimulates the immune system

-A natural Anti-Inflamatory

Source: dailyhealthpost

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