Why Don’t You Try This Before You Opt For Weight – Loss Surgery

The FDA approved a diet where food is injected by a thin tube implanted in the abdomen also known as medically sanctioned bulimia. In America, one third of the adults are obese two thirds are overweight, around 86 million people in America experience a condition called pre-diabetes and 29 million are afflicted with diabetes.

Bariatric surgery has become a standard way of treating diabetes. It costs $12,000 to $25,000 and the insurance doesn’t cover it. Also patients experience complications such as nutrient deficiencies, intestinal blockages and infections.

Doctors prefer a low-carbohydrates diet which is more effective and safe. Diabetes medication cost thousands of dollars annually. You can reduce sugar levels by eating less sugar.

Wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, sugars and fruits contain glucose which you can decrease by cutting down these foods. Replace them with healthy protein and fats to decrease glucose and lose weight.

Diabetes may cause kidney failure, blindness, amputations as well as serious heart attacks and strokes.

10 People that participated in a low-carbohydrate diet experienced normalized level of glucose and improved insulin sensitivity by 75%. Many people have benefited from this diet.

One example is a 50-year-old worker who had to quit his job due to diabetes. He was taking insulin covered by the insurance. However when he started dieting right he stopped his insulin intake since his glucose levels were normal and he could return to work.

Another example is a patient who suffered from type2 diabetes. After a year of the low-carb diet she lost 35 pounds and stopped taking her medication.

The low-carb diet also significantly improved the hemoglobin A1C, the primary marker for diabetes. 45% op people on this diet could stop taking meds.

In 1920 the pharmaceutical insulin became available and people consumed lesser carbs. Later in 1970 the department of Agriculture and the Diabetes association started promoting the high carb- low fat diet due to the belief that fat causes obesity.

However 15 years later this idea has been proven to be wrong due to the fact that carbs harm us.

To avoid hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar you are advised to eat a certain amount of carbs. The counter advice would mean eating carbs but taking meds as well.

Expensive medications for blood sugar, obesity, liver problems as well as surgery procedures such as stomach-draining system called Aspire Assist, burning the inside part of the duodenum with a hot ballon were not mentioned as a side effect of low carb diet at the the annual diabetes convention in New Orleans.

Patients need need something that will help them combat diabetes in a healthy, safe and cheaper way and not a lifetime medications, insulin injections or risky surgeries.

Source: healthyfoodvision

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