Urine Color States About Your Health (Find Out What)

The smell, consistency and color of urine are a sign of your health and diet. 95% Of Urine is water and the other 5% are-sodium, urea, chloride, creatinine, potassium, dissolved ions and organic and inorganic substances. Yellow urine is triggered by urobilin- biochemical waste product that is created from the breakdown of old red blood cells and it is most common.

  1. Transparent

Appears like: water

This urine is a sign of over-hydration, meaning watering down essential salts- such as electrolytes and makes chemical imbalance in the blood. Thankfully it’s not dangerous.

  1. Light yellow urine color

This is a sign of normal urine and good hydration.

  1. Cloudy

Cloudiness originates from mucus, tissues and proteins which are breaking down and coalescing. This means you probably have a urine infection.

  1. Medium yellow urine color

This means you are dehydrated.

  1. Dark yellow

This means you have too much vitamin B intake.

  1. Orange

This means there’s a presence of bilirubin a yellow-colored by-product of old red blood cells breakdown. The gallstone is obstructing bile duct, which drains bilirubin, or liver disease.

  1. Pink

This means-there is beets intake, blood, infection or bladder cancer.

  1. Darker pink

This is similar to the previous one but it can also indicate kidney stones or bladder stones.

  1. Dark pink

This indicated old blood or cancer.

  1. Brown

This is caused by drugs such as chloroquine and metronidazole, liver and kidney disorders or when the muscles utilize myoglobin to catch oxygen for energy due to intense training.

  1. Blue/Green

Eating lots of food that is tinted with synthetic dyes or negative effect of medication such as- Uribel (utilized to treat UTIs) may be the cause of this urine.

Source: ourhealthyfoodchoice

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