9 Strange Things Your Body Does That You Never Knew Were Defense Mechanisms

Biological cycles and systems -like the defense mechanisms are a part of the human body. They protect us from harm 24 hours daily.

The following are the body’s defense mechanisms


To cool our brain when it gets overheated or over loaded –we yawn.


We eliminate allergens, dust, microbes and other irritants through sneezing.


We stretch to prepare our body for the following activities.


Hiccups are a sign to protect the diaphragm and stomach from swallowing big pieces of food or simply overeating.

Myoclonic jerks

Our muscles spasm strongly to wake us up. When we’re falling asleep our pulse slows down so the brain interprets these developments as heralding death, so it gives you a jolt in order to try and save you.

Wrinkling of the skin

This happens as warning of moisture and smooth surfaces.

Loss of memory

Our brain does this to protect us from unpleasant experiences and stress.


Our bodies do this to reduce heat loss and to warm ourselves when in inhospitable climatic conditions.


Tears appear when the body distracts us from an unpleasant experience or to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes when it gets into contact with some foreign object.

Source: healthandwellness365

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