This 3-Step Natural Home Remedy for Toothache Is a Godsend

Even though our teeth are just a small part of our bodies, we all know how big a problem it can be when toothache strikes to ruin your week. There are several reasons why we may experience pain or discomfort in around our mouths and jaws, such as cavities, trapped food, gum diseases, tooth decay, broken fillings, and more. And while you may have an appointment to see your dentists coming up, in the meantime you are left waiting and suffering. That’s why you may need a good, reliable natural remedy that soothes and reduces your horrendous pain .Dr. Josh Axe’s 3-Step guide promises to do just that.

NOTE: If your toothache has lasted for longer than a day, be certain to consult with a dentist as soon as possible. The following remedy is to be used while you wait for a dentist’s opinion.

The following three ingredients can be combined to clean, repair, and safely numb your mouth. This process is a simple and natural way to banish your painful toothache.

1. Clove Oil

Essential oils are vital for soothing and curing toothaches. The medical literature, says Dr. Axe, finds clove oil to be the best essential oil for the job, because it has the “highest amount of antioxidants in the entire world.”For a teething baby, Dr. Axe recommends taking equal parts clove oil and coconut oil and rubbing them on the gums.

2. Sea Salt

Sea salt has natural anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a great remedy for toothache. Dr. Axe advises us to gargle with sea salt and water for 2 minutes. Be sure to let this swoosh around your painful area many times.

3. Peppermint Oil

The third part of this home remedy is designed to help numb your mouth. The best oil for this job is peppermint oil, which contains menthol. To really get rid of that painful toothache, Dr. Axe’s method is to gargle and swoosh sea-salted water, before rubbing a mixture of clove and peppermint oil directly onto your troublesome area.

And…Cut Out Sugar

Another important thing you can do to beat your toothache, is to reduce the amount of excess sugar you’re consuming. Sugar can feed yeast or bacteria that may be causing or aggravating your toothache. Therefore, if you reduce or cut out excess sugar, you will be going a long way to stopping your pain

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