You Know That Your Smartphone Is Harming You, But You’re Not Willing To Give It Up. What Can Be Done?

Wi-Fi devices spread harmful electromagnetic radiation experts have warned us many times upon. Just recently, Dr. Martin Blank from Columbia’s University Department of Psychology and Cellular Biophysics joined a group of UN experts where he discussed all possible damage related to smartphones and similar devices.

According to him and many other professionals, smartphones are dangerous enough to cause cancer, in particular among young children whose developing brain is 4 times more exposed to radiation than the one of adult people.

In China, addiction to smart phones is so bad that it is officially considered a clinical disorder, which is why the Government is actively opening rehab and recovery centers where young people are actively seeking support. Nobody can claim with all certainty that this method is effective.

But the problem gets much worse than that…

Most smartphones emit a specific blue light that helps you read what’s on their screens even when exposed to sunlight. TVs, laptops, and all similar devices and gadgets do the very same, and do it even during night and all the time while they are active. The light confuses our brains as it appears to be sunlight, and disturbs the brain from releasing enough melatonin for us to sleep well and to feel good.

Melatonin is released from a tiny organ named pineal gland, which helps collect natural light through a specific receptor called Melanopsin. With the appropriate amount of sun the brain has no troubles falling asleep, but when exposed to artificial blue light, it often causes insomnia.

Some time ago, doctors discovered that our retina ganglion cells also absorb blue light, because of which people suffer circadian rhythm shifts and stay awake way longer than they should. The problem is particularly serious among teenagers who actively play video games.

How to fix this problem?

The most natural and intuitive thing to do is to restrict the usage of electronic devices to absolute necessity, and to put them as far as possible from us while sleeping. There is also an online application called f.lux which you can download to modify your screen’s temperature (bright through the day and warmer during night) to reduce the negative influence of blue light. Note that there is a different version of this app suitable for various devices.

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