5 Common Cancer-Causing Items You Need To Empty Your Home Of Immediately

The food we eat, air we breathe may contain harmful toxins. Even the following household items:

  1. Artificial sweeteners– people add it to coffee instead of sugar but it is more harmful since it contains:

Aspartame –  fatal in case of phenylketonuria and  linked to skin cancer

Sorbitol – causes diarrhea, bloating and gasses due to indigestion

Acesulfame K – affects pregnancy and is cancerogenic

Saccharin  -is linked to bladder cancer

Instead try these replacements:

Xylitol – reduces tooth decay risk and improves bone density

Yacon syrup – helps with constipation and feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut

Stevia – it will lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels

  1. Non-stick cookware

Try cooking with ceramic pans and pots instead of non-stick cookware since it releases toxins in  food at high temperatures which is carcinogenic .

  1. Plastic bottles and food containers

Use metal, reusable water bottles or food containers since plastic bottles and food containers have Bisphenol-A (BPA)- a compound used to harden plastic bottles and other products which has been related to brain, behavioral and prostate disorders.

  1. Commercial cleaning product

Try baking soda and vinegar instead commercial cleaning product since they are linked to numerous respiratory problems and hormonal imbalances.

  1. Air fresheners

According to a study conducted at the Public Health England’s Center for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, common air fresheners contain a big amount of formaldehyde – a carcinogen related to numerous serious diseases. Use essential oils instead since air fresheners are more dangerous than cigarette smoke and can cause asthma, hormonal imbalances and respiratory problems.

Source: healthylifevision

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