Wherever You See This Plant, Make Sure You Do Not Touch It

The plant ‘mammoth hogweed’even though looks very interesting, can  be very dangerous and everyone should be aware of it. Particularlly kids.

There are 10 plants in North America that are hazerdous and children should be aware of them. Children excel in education, but they should also learn practical skills such as recognizing  poison oak and hogweed.

It should be known that hogweed belongs to the carrot family and can grow 14 feet and has deadly poisonous sap. If you get in contact with it, which is easy to do due to its high stalk, it may cause weird blisters.

Hogweed has green stems with furry purple fixes with white hair.

According to Ask a Prepper, the chemicals in the hogweed may cause disjoin rankling, potential blindness, severe burns and skin sensitivity to light. You may get blister that last from 48 hours to months or years and long term light sensitivity.

Measures to take if you, or your child, comes in contact with it

Wash the area with cold water, avoid sunlight, apply sunscreen and apply some home remedy. If it gets in contact with your eyes, wash them and wear sun glasses.

The Blaze stated that many places such as Vermont, New Hampshire,Maine Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan  etc. have issued warnings since this plant has started to spread.


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