In This Way You Can Cure “The Dowager’s Hump” Very Fast And Easy!

The Dowager’s Hump or the kyphosis is a condition we get by sitting with a bad posture for hours. We do this when we spend a big amount of time on our phones, computers or watching TV. This affects our vertebrae and forms a lump on the top of our back and fat is accumulated in the curve.

What do we do to eliminate kyphosis

This condition affects women more and its caused due to obesity. It is reversable since if forms slowly. You can reverse it with 5 minute exersises daily.

The following are exersises that can help you reverse kyphosis

  1. Circular movement on the shoulders

Streighten your back pointing with your foot. The arms should hang at each side. In a circular motion move your shoulders for 5 minutes. You can do one shoulder at a time.

  1. Streach your arms and legs

Take a crawling position and streach your arm and leg for 10 seconds then swich to the other ones. Do this 20 times daily.This will also help you to streach your muscules and strengthen them.


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