Alkaline Water Kills Cancer!? How To Make It!

The pH in a healthy body can range from 7.34-7.45 and is slightly alkaline. The ones responsible for keeping the balance are our lungs and kidneys. Our overall health can be affected if this balance is disturbed.

This means that when the pH is out of balance the body becomes too acidic and alkaline.This can cause the healthy cells to become toxic and can lead to death. This is the main reason our bodies store excess acidic substances in certain parts or organs- to increase acidity. If however we have pH imbalance, the tissues inside the body are damaged, leading to malignancy, cell death or cell mutation.

When the acidic dead cells remain in the body, metastasis developes. The mutated or malignant cells continue to grow spreading to other parts or organs in the body.

Another thing that make the body overly acidic is modern diet. It contains a lot of sugar, caffeine, highly processed foods and alcohol. It leads to poor immune system, chronic headaches and fatigue and  digestive issues.

Alkaline water can have many health benefits.

A lot of damage can be done if the chronic pH imbalance of the body is left untreated.

The way alkaline water can help us is that it provides much better hydration to the whole system. In addition, it helps our brain since it is composed of water.

To be considered alkaline, the pH of water has to be between 8-9.

Here is how to make alkaline water:


  • 1 organic lemon (wash and slice it)
  • 2l purified water
    1 tablespoon Himalayan salt ( you can find it in any healthy food store)


In a glass of water put slices of lemon and Himalayan salt. Leave it overnight in a room temperature.

Drink 3 glasses on an empty stomach in the morning.This will create ideal pH and improve your over all health.

Source: healthyfoodplans

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