15 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes Are Perfect For Diabetics

Sweet potatoes come from a different family than the regular ones and can be found in many different colours: white-cream, yellow-orange and purple. They contain a lot of good nutrients.

15 Nutritious Facts:

1. Sweet potatoes contain natural sugars that decrease and stabilize the insulin resistance in diabetics and they regulate sugar levels. This makes them a great food choice for diabetics.

2. Sweet potatoes are great for digestion since they contain dietary fibers. This prevents constipation and colon cancer.

3. They are a great choice for smokers and people with respiratory problems. The reason- they contain carotenoids which help in producing vitamin A which regenerates the respiratory system.

4. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin D which is excellent for teeth, heart, skin, bones, energy levels as well as for the normal function of the thyroid gland.

5. They contain potassium which can improve heart functioning. It lowers the impact of the sodium, regulates blood pressure and makes a balance of the electrolytes. They also contain vitamin B6 which prevents heart attacks, strokes and degenerative diseases.

6. Potassium helps with many other things sych as-reducing swelling and cramps, provides energy and relaxes the muscles. It’s great for healthy tissues and muscules and regulates heart beat and nerve signals.

7. Sweet potatoes are good for arthritis, gout and asthma, lung and breast cancer and it also reduces aging, beacuse it contains beta-carotene which acts as a anti-oxidant.

8. It is beneficial for pregnant women to eat sweet potatoes since they contain folic acid -which is great for fetal developement.

9. The potassium, regulates the balance of the body’s water and normalizes the heartbeats and increases the flow of oxygen. Where as the magnesium acts as an anti-stress agent.

10. Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C with is important for the overall health.

11. They help fight anemia since they are rich in iron –which is important for the production of red and white cells.

12. You can use water form boiled potatoes for skin benefits. It will clean your pores, heal irritation and absorb impurities. They contain vitamin c vitamin A and anthocyaninis which produce collagen, improve complexion, remove wrinkles and heal dark circles.

13. They soothe PMS sinse they contain manganese and iron.

14. They contain beta-carotene which stimulates hair growth and fights damaged hair and dandruff.

15. Consume sweet potatoes more often since they contain vitamins vital for the enzyme, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

Source: yourhealthypage

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