4 Simple, All-Natural Steps To Rebuilding Your Gums (That Don’t Involve The Dentist)

It is not unusual for people to have their gums thinning, or to have even more serious issues such as thooth loss. One example of this is a woman in her 20s who needs 3 implants an would eventually suffer tooth loss.

When people have  periodontal disease they stick to what the dentist and hygienist says, but consequently their mouth never inproves.

To fix the problem we have to think of the entire body’s health. Theeth problems are not caused by merely not washing our theeth once or twice.  Protein, silica, vitamin C, copper, zinc and other nutrients compound the tissues synthesized in the body that form gums.

When you provide the body all the nutriens that it needs, it will heal. This applies to gums as well. So by changing your diet not only do you help your gums but your over all health as well.

The following is a strategy to help you heal your gums. It may differ for different people but for many it will help improve your thooth health:

  1. Cut the sugar

Sugar can significantly damage your theeth and can give you cavities. It changes the pH and minerals are pulled out from tissues like the gums just to keep the pH constant in the blood. So stop eating sugary foods and drink beverages with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. You can’t have both -healthy theeth and sugar.

  1. Eat enough protein

Your body needs protein to function properly. You need to provide your body with it. If it is deficient in it, your body’s protein stores will be depleted causing in theeth fall-out. So unless you are avoiding protein for medicinal purposes, consider how it affects your entire body.

To calculate how much you need to take daily just devide your weight by 2 and that’s the grams you need to take. Devide this by 3 and you get the amount you need per meal. For example: If you weigh 140pounds- devided by 2- it’s 70 grams -devided by 3 -that’s 23.33 grams per meal.

  1. Take your vitamin C supplements

To prevent gum line  bleeding take vitamin C daily. An avarage dose is 1000 miligrams daily or sometimes even 2000 miligrams.

  1. Use diatomaceous earth (DE) as a dietary supplement

To rebuild gum faster, get the USDA food & chemical grade version of diatomaceous earth. It’s a source of dietary silica and does not contain any insecticides or other chemicals. It’s important to know the food and chemical grade DE is not the same as the pool grade DE, which is toxic.

Drink 1 tblsp twice a day and rinse your mouth as well. Just apply 1 btsp of DE and water. You will notice that the DE rebuilds your theeth on the inside out as well as your gums.

All you have to do to rebuild your gums is to simply start.

Source: healthyfoodresources

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