Man Goes Blind In 1 Eye After Sleeping With His Contacts In

This is a bizarre and painful story you ever came across. It is a story of 39 years old Chad Groeschen from Cincinnati, Ohio who lost his left eye as he slept with contact lenses on. The story was published in Huffington Post and reported by ABC Channel 9 which claimed that wearing contact lenses overnight is not at all safe for you.

The incident happened in August, on one Friday afternoon Chad was experience itching in his left eye, he thought it is due to some allergy and thus ignored it. But next day morning the eye become goopy and by Sunday morning Groeschen’s vision was getting worse.

His friend recommended that he should consult a doctor immediately, so he took an appointment at Cincinnati Eye Institute. The doctor examined the left eye and conveyed that he had got a Pseudomonas bacterial infection in his eye. As per the Huffington Post, the doctor conveyed Groeschen that the bacteria built up is under the lens and it has spread all over his left eye.

The infection was totally curable but corneal ulcer was developed in Groeschen’s left eye, which lead to scar tissue. He lost the vision of left eye due to scar tissues.

Goreschen was talking about his experience in an interview at Channel 9. He said it was for about 3 weeks that I was feeling like an 8-inch nail being driven into my eye. The pain was unbearable and severe. The things changed very quickly, in just 2 days of time I just lost my vision, it was a scary experience.

There are chances that Groschen can get back his vision using cornea transplantation which will take around 1 year recovery time

Recently Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a survey, in which around 99% of responded were involved in the “risky behaviors” like wearing contact lenses for a long time and wearing lenses overnight and not keeping the cases of lenses clean.

Here are some recommendations generated by CDC which will help to reduce the risk of eye infection among the contact lenses users:

  • Before you touch the lenses make sure that you wash your hands properly and make it dry.
  • Do not wear lenses while swimming, sleeping or showering.
  • Each time you remove the lenses, rub and rinse them properly.
  • Make sure that after every 3 months you replace the cases to store lenses.

These simple tips will help you to keep your eyes protected from infection. Consult doctor immediately if you feel itching in eye or redness of eye at any time. Use the lenses carefully and only when required.

Source: huffingtonpost

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