Spooky! After Reading This Story You Will Never Again Eat Your Nails

Serious health problems can be caused by people’s behavior which is inflicted psychologically. One of these behaviors is biting our nails which is most likely caused by anxiety, nervousness or habit. The following is a story about the dangers of this habit.

The Dangers of Nail Biting: Scary Story

A 40year old Englishman called John Gardener suffered from chronic depression and anxiety for many years, due to which he started biting his nails. When he was 10 months old he was diagnosed with diabetes, for which he needed 2 doses of insulin per day. However this disease caused many other problems such as heart problems.

In 2011 John had his leg amputated due to diabetes ulcers after which his psychological state began to worsen. Over time John bit his nails more and more often and obsessively. John was warned by Dr. Daniel Vernon that because of his bad habit, his nails were left in a poor condition and the sensitivity of his finger tips was extreme.

The sensitivity was so severe that John couldn’t even feel pain in that area and he ended up in hospital very often due to bleeding. This got so severe that after a while John got an infection called septicemia that spread through his body. Unable to combat the infection with antibiotics, the doctors had to amputate John’s fingers.

To make matters worse, after the situation had calmed down and John turned 40, he had a heart attack and died. It was concluded that the attack was caused by septicemia.

The ones hurt the most by this were his family of course. His mother was deeply sadden and regrets not being able to help him.

John’s story is so sad and dramatic and should serve as a warning of the dangers of biting our nails. What seems as a harmless little habit can actually turn out fatal.

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