Maximum Opread! Omeprazol: The Gastric Protector That Ends Your Health

The Dangers of Omeprazole: The gastric protector that destroys your health! DIFFUSION!

More than gastric protector, the OMEPRAZOL is considered a potent inhibitor of gastric acid, which is extremely necessary in our body when regulating digestion and eliminate microbes. Known then what are the real dangers of OMEPRAZOL for your health.

More than one of us has ever ingested this drug, when treating certain ailments or gastric discomfort, but the real truth is that this gastric protector can go from being a hero to a villain in just a matter of years. OMEPRAZOL dangers lie in creating an addiction to the drug; especially when it comes to treating gastritis, it is very common for us to use this medication very frequently, making its consumption almost a habit in our life.

When consumed regularly this medication for more than one year, it is affected very clearly in our body absorption of vitamin B12, which reach can cause us serious disorders of health, such as e.g. anemia, the depression the dementia and a large number of neurological damage more.

The dangers of Omeprazole for our health

Vitamin B12 is directly related to the production of red blood cells from our organism. When our body starts having problems when absorb this vitamin, it is normal that we begin to suffer symptoms related to fatigue and frequent fatigue.

The dangers of Omeprazole can seriously harm or the central nervous system, affecting our overall health.

Another of the most recognized dangers of Omeprazole is that the drug can also decrease calcium absorption by our body, thus leading to fractures, and normal bone and muscle problems.

The use of Omeprazole has also been associated with several respiratory problems, particularly in the elderly. According to Monica Hidalgo, Ph.D. in pharmacy at the National Center for Drug Information (Cimed) at the University of Costa Rica, gastric acid is necessary to protect our organism from an immense variety of viruses and bacteria, many of which are related to respiratory conditions. When consuming Omeprazole in a habitual way, the gastric acid diminishes, giving place to the passage of all type of agents toxic and harmful for our organism.

The Kaiser Permanente Institute in the US, has recently conducted an investigation based on the true dangers of Omeprazole health , which was to evaluate 26 thousand patients, of which Omeprazole certain amount consumed daily over two years , While the remaining amount never consumed the drug in his lifetime. The results of the investigation were certainly astounding; The number of patients who consumed the drug had a 65% risk of vitamin B12 deficiency compared to the number of patients who had never used the drug.

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