Improve Your Eyesight Fast With These 12 Foods!

Some people, with the aging period are losing the melanin, the eyesight, the hair, the joint pain start and etc. In this article, we will present you foods that can improve the eyesight and stop its loss. The length and shape of the eyeballs and the thickness of the eye lens can affect the ability to see thing at a distance and close-ups. The retina is placed at the eye’s back and it contains light sensitive celss that are important for good vision.

You have to consume zeaxanthin and lutein. They are found commonly in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale and also in saffron, corn and bell peppers. They are ingredients are great for improving the vision. It is proven that you need to consume 10mg of lutein per day and 2mg of zeaxanthin per day and you will get the normal vision.

You can intake them if you consume a lot of green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale. It is said in a study that most of the dark leafy greens have15-47% of lutein, but low content of zeaxanthin (0-3%). The egg’s yolk is also a rich source of these nutrients and it will improve the eye health, as well. Eggs from pastured and free range hens have bright orange yolks and this is an indication that they contain elevated zeaxanthin and lutein. Pale yellow yolks are from caged hens that are fed with unnatural grain diet and have low amount of these nutrients. These are the foods that contain quantities of lutein:

-Raw kale 26.5mg in one cup;
-Cooked kale 23.7mg in one cup;
-cooked spinach 20.4mg in one cup;
-cooked collards 14.6mg in one cup;
-cooked turnip greens 12.2mg in one cup;
-cooked green peas 4.1mg in one cup;
-raw spinach 3.7mg in one cup;
-cooked corn 1.5mg in one cup;

-raw broccoli 1.3mg in one cup;
-raw romaine lettuce 1.1mg in one cup;
-cooked green beans 0.9mg in one cup;
-cooked broccoli o.8 in half cup;
-raw papaya 0.3mg in large one;
-egg 0.2mg in large egg;
-raw orange 0.2mg in one large orange;

It was proved that higher vitamin C consumption will prevent the cataract which is the most common cause for vision loss. Consume more citric fruits like limes, lemons and oranges that will increase the vitamin C levels. You should also consume Acerola cherries as one piece has one calorie but 80mg of vitamin C. It is one of the healthiest fruits.
You should also have to consume omega3 fats to eliminate blindness and diabetes. These fats are mostly contained in fish. It also prevents from developing other diseases. This is where you can find oemga3 fats:
-Krill oil, fish roe, cold water fish like anchovies, sardines and herring, and wild Alaskan salmon as it contains astazanthin which promotes eye heath;

Bilberry is also great for the eye health. People that led the study said that you should choose a bilberry supplement that has 10-20mg of lutein and 1-2mg zeaxanthin. The daily recommended dose is 80-160mg. You should also consume a lot of fruits and vegetables that can improve your eye health.
Preventing damage to the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which is an animal based omega3 fat, in the RPE (retinal pigmented epithelium), which is responsible for converting the photons from sunlight to electrons. The electrons are providing DC electric current that is needed for optimal functioning of the body.

Keep the diet regime on healthy food and workout as it will improve the overall health, not excluding the eye health.

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