My Mom Had Fatty Liver, She Started Drinking This Drink And In A Few Days She Was Fully DEPURED!

Boldo is a very powerful herb for cleaning the liver, it has many properties, one of them is that it helps to cleanse the blood, when the liver or kidneys are not working at all well.

This tea is taken in the morning, fasting, one hour before eating the food, it is not taken for an extended time. This should be taken for 9 days in a row, and rest for three weeks.

It also helps to remove bile that is accumulating in the gallbladder, decreases the formation of stones, and erases facial spots that are formed by liver problems.

Properties of boldo tea

  • Among the properties are camphor, beta – pinene, lemon, boldine and camarina.
  • It serves as a treatment of dysfunctions of the gallbladder, liver, bile ducts, and pancreas, as a symptomatic treatment of disorders of the digestive system and to help cure constipation.

  • The benefits are that it has diuretic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and laxative effects.
  • It has many active chemicals but much of the plant has been attributed to a boldine.
  • Boldo is one of the best herbal remedies for all those digestive disorders like inflammation and heartburn caused by acidity, and low absorption of nutrients in the stomach and intestines.
  • Boldo is primarily used as a treatment for gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.Boldine has a protective property of the liver and stimulates the secretion of bile. Which is indispensable for the digestion process since it converts the fatty acids into very small drops that can be processed more easily by the gastric acids?
  • Boldo tea stimulates appetite, improves digestion, promotesintestinal health and reduces the production of gases and suffering from constipation.
  • It is also used to improve detoxification of the liver and protects it against damage caused by toxins and drugs that may have a detrimental effect on the liver.It can also help treat various diseases related to the liver or gallbladder such as hepatitis and labyrinth.

Source: yourhealthypage

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