Beat Cancer With 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

Nowadays, cancer is considered as one of the most hazardous diseases which should definitely be taken seriously. Unfortunately, tumors are present everywhere, in the food we consume on a daily basis, the GMO seeds and the pesticides, in moisturizers used to prevent getting the vitamin D from the sun, etc. Moreover, you can also find tumors in toothpaste, cleansers, cosmetics, shampoos and beauty care products.

As you all know, cancers only survive in acidic environment which is overflowed with toxins from the sugar, the salt, the fat and the processed products people eat on a daily basis. Due to the fact that toxins are everywhere, like in the fluoride, the bug sprays, the herbicides, the hormones, the substantial metals, etc., people are not able to expel them from their system.

According to oncologists, people who undergo chemotherapy should not expand alkalizing sustenance since they meddle with chemotherapy. Due to the harmful effects of radiation on the non-carcinogenic cells, many people experience the ill effects of cancer growth. Metastasis usually take place in about 5 years because the healthy cells don’t have an access to oxygen and they lose their capability to fight cancer growth. It should also be mentioned that all infections, parasites and pathogens can thrive without oxygen, which means that tumor cells can’t survive in the presence of oxygen.

No matter whether you are diagnosed with cancer or not, you need to alkalize your body at all costs. The turn of seasons is the best time to do something in order to recover your body cells, skin, hair and organs.

If you decide to alkalize your body, you will face the following changes:

  • In five days – new stomach lining
  • In thirty days – new skin and new hair
  • In 45 days – new DNA cell material and new liver
  • In 49 days – new bladder
  • In 60 days – new brain cells, new tissue
  • In 90 days – new skeleton
  • In 120 days – new red blood cells

Make sure to take hydrogen peroxide into the cancerous cells in order to achieve all this. The cancer cells will kick the bucket if there is enough oxygen around them.

Proteolytics are actually pancreatic compounds which have the ability to cut and separate the thick protein that covers the cells. As a result of that, the body perceives these cells as harmful. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide has the ability to get in the malignant cells and cut separated the protein that covers them.

Science has known this for a long time

50 years ago, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the difference between normal and diseased cells, and he stated that diseased cells can separate the glucose without the presence of oxygen. On the other hand, normal cells require oxygen in order to consolidate with glucose. As a result of this, overweight people have a higher risk of cancer.

There are evidences that hydrogen peroxide is the best and the safest treatment for cancer, but you should definitely be careful since you need to use a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution.

It has been proven that hydrogen peroxide is the best and the safest treatment for cancer. However, when you buy hydrogen peroxide, you should be very careful, as you need to use a 35-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Make sure to avoid using 3% hydrogen peroxide solution because it contains various stabilizers that ought to be previously processed. Yet another alternative is to add this 35-percent hydrogen peroxide solution into your bathtub full of warm water and soak yourself into this bath. Whole sitting In the bathtub, your skin will absorb the solution. long time ago, the scientists have discovered the link between the disease and low levels of catalysts into the body. Nowadays, people in some parts of Europe and America are using the catalyst treatment.

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