Too Much Calcium Will Make Inflammation And Other Mineral Problems

In the last decades, people took calcium for better bones. Milk, supplements and more. But at this time, osteoporosis rose in alarming rates.

So, more studies also shown calcium can cause most inflammations. Every disease with -it is in the end means inflammation in tissues.

Let’s say colitis is colon inflammation, sinusitis of the sinus, bronchitis of the bronchi, arthritis on joints, hepatitis on liver and so on.

A 12 year study had 78.000 nurses and it found that cow’s milk they had, caused their bone problems. They had more fractures too. Where people eat a lot of dairy and calcium, there are weaker bones.

It is not just about calcium foods and supplements. These are all crucial whether the calcium is going into the bones or not, but deposits can be stored elsewhere.


98% of calcium is in the bones. 1 in the teeth and 1 in other tissues. The calcium not deposited causes:

  • Brittle bones
  • Hardened arteries
  • Calcification in brain
  • Calcification in kidneys and liver
  • Calcification in joints
  • Other issues

This toxicity is complex and not simply and overdose, regardless food or pills. Many factors play a part in this absorption and calcifications.

Other things to have in mind.

  • Nutrient factor, other minerals also form the bones like boron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, phosphorus and silicon
  • Calcium needs to be bonded with C, D, A and K for the metabolism
  • Animal proteins and dairy cause acidic blood increase and calcium loss
  • Fat intake and additives stop the healthy absorption
  • Long term meds and stress also steal calcium
  • Too much salt and sugar also steal minerals and calcium too
  • Some diseases damage the bones and teeth
  • Having fortified water gives you fluoride and damages the tissues with calcium
  • Wrong supplements.

Is calcium bad in the end? Do you still need the pills. NO. this is just short term help and gives damage lastly. Instead take magnesium to prevent inflammations.


Just like the potassium, this is the other best mineral with positive ions for the human cells. Outside these cells is the sodium and calcium.

The Mg is key in over 300 enzyme biochemical reactions and key in other body works. The task of Mg is too complex and healthy, so imagine this deficit and the body damage you will have.

The causes for this calcium toxicity also link to the depletion in Mg. the main work of the Mg is to get the calcium and absorb it, make it good for bone building. In Mg deficits, calcium is not used all the way and is loose elsewhere. This is calcification.


In the book, Magnesium’s Miracle, the dr. Carolyn Dean said the best ratio is 1:1. But since Mg can be depleted due to toxins all around us, the diet today has ratio of this 10:1 and this is shocking.

The 1:1 ratio is not just from supplements, but also a healthy diet, supplements and water too. Sometimes, people take double doses Mg and damage the calcium balance with drugs and stress too.

Calcium causes inflammations, and Mg kills inflammation so keep this in mind.

Source: juicing-for-health

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