Cashews – the Best Antidepressant That Is Not a Medication, but Natural Cure!

The nuts cashews are the best type of nuts pin the world. They are healthy, tasty and sadly not all of us know their benefits. They are much better than some meds existing.

Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique and Brazil are the best manufacturers of this nut because the climate there is hot, humid and they grow perfectly on this weather.

The Health Benefits:

-Many vitamins, fibers, minerals and phytochemicals that stop diseases and even cancer. But, they are loaded with calories; in 50 g you get 275 calories.

-These nuts also have good vitamins, pantothenic acid or B5, B6 or pyridoxine, B11 or thiamin and riboflavin too. All these are good for the fat metabolism and also the one of carbs and proteins too on cell level. Then again, niacin makes the dermatitis risk lower, the B6 reduces anemia risks and homocystinuria risks too. just 100 g of this nut gives you 30% daily B6 dose.

-Also, the cashews have minerals too. Some of the best are in them; potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium, iron and zinc. Just a handful of cashews daily fights many diseases. For example, the copper is hand in hand with enzyme work like the superoxide dismutase and c-oxidase cytochrome. The zinc, Is like the enzymes but it regulates the growth and success in digestion factors, gonadal work and DNA too. The selenium is a micronutrient and is working with the antioxidant enzymes like the Glutathione peroxide, the best antioxidant in humans.

-There are also monounsaturated fats that keep the heart healthy, like the oleic acid and palmitoleic one too. They are the group of acids that are fatty and increase the HDL god cholesterol, while the bad LDL is lowered. Also, many studies shown that this namely Mediterranean diet has monounsaturated fats as base and helps the lipids in the blood to get better, thus there is less risk of strokes and heart problems.

-To add, the cashews also have flavonoids, antioxidant called zeaxanthin that is seeped inside the macula in the eyes. That pigment is protective against the UV rays and shields you from ARMD disease in the eyes.
With cashews against depression – basic guide

The cashews are more than just tryptophan, the best amino acid we get from the food. This acid hels kids to grow, makes the mood better, behavior balanced, sleep better too, and stress is lowered as well. This means, you won’t suffer of anxiety or depression.

In just 2 handfuls of this nut you get 1000-2000 mg tryptophan. This proved to be just as good if not better than antidepressant meds. And with the cashews you do not get side effects like from the meds. But, this secret is hidden of course by pharmacy industries.

The FDA deputy commissioner for the David Adams Policy, part of Drug Information Association Annual Meeting, in 1993 said we must be attentive to diet supplements. If producers of natural cures get the support, we will all get new items available and they will fight the regular celling meds. This is why we need a law for regulation of such supplements.

Also back in 1993, the FDA dietary task force gave a report saying that selling and using such supplements will not endanger new drugs.

By now you are more aware and know that big pharma is a huge deal.

Still, there is a better way to fight depression than with meds, and people are not told about this, since there won’t be profit for the companies.

Cashew Nuts Allergies

Beside the walnuts or almonds allergies, the cashews can also make an allergy in kids and adults too. just like peanuts, this nut can show serious allergy signs, even in a small amount serving.

Such nuts are included in many recipes too, like cakes, ice cream or Asian meals. But, if you notice an allergy, seek medical help.

Source: onlinehealthsociety

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