There are numerous individuals on the planet who wish to change their way of life and dietary habits – they all want to eat healthy. But, some individuals believe that by eating this food they eat healthy, but they are wrong. Some individuals choose to eat tofu as a protein source, rather than eggs and meat. According to the soy industry, this is not the best and healthy alternative at all. Actually, tofu is far from healthy and it is much better for you if you consume organic eggs, grass – fed meat and raw – dairy products.

According to Dr. Daniel, the food manufacturers in the Western countries, separate the soybeans into oil and protein and this method is definitely not healthy. These methods include high pressure, temperature, petroleum solvents, alkali and acid baths – which usually leave harmful and carcinogenic effects. The thing is that these fractioned products – hydrolyze and isolate plant protein, due to all processed soy, contain high measures of phytates, which block the mineral absorption and trypsin, which blocks appropriate digestion.

Too much soy products can cause these health issues:

Brain damage

Reproductive disorder

Soy allergies


Thyroid issues like: hair loss, lethargy, weight gain, fatigue, malaise and loss of libido

Increases the risk of heart diseases, stroke and birth defects

Premature puberty and development issues in babies, children and adolescents

Builds the danger of heart infections, stroke and conception imperfections

Numerous medical specialists signet a request which was sent to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and which had almost 65 pages. The medical specialists asked FDA to retract the claim that soy prevents heart disease that was approved back in the 1999. You should also know that small kids and babies are most vulnerable to the mimicking impacts of soy’s hormone – which implies that the daily exposure to estrogen-impersonating chemicals for kids that consume soy recipes has been 6 to 11 times higher than adults who consumed soy products and the concentration of hormones in the blood has been 13,000 to 22,000 times higher than estrogen in the blood.

Source: healthonlinecentral

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