If you have these two holes on the back you are really special! Here is what it says about you…

Known as Venus holes, the small circles positioned on the lower back of women have a meaning. When these holes are found on the lower back of men, they are called Apollo holes.

These circles are situated in a spot where two bones connect the pelvis, and are only noticeable in people who have the genetic predisposition for this or in people who have proper size ligaments. Taking in consideration the fact that genetics is responsible for the visibility of the holes, people cannot choose whether they have them or not.

Now we get to the meaning of the Venus or the Apollo holes. These holes are a sign of good circulation and a healthy body. Let us remind you that the good circulation is a significant prerequisite for achieving an orgasm more easily.

Considering the fact that the Venus holes are positioned in a place where there are not any muscles, you should know that there is no way to create them by exercising. However, if you exercise in order to eliminate the excess fat, achieving this goal can make these holes visible.

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