According to psychologists, people who cry a lot have this unique personality trait

Crying is not a sign of vulnerability. On the contrary, it shows the strength and resilience of your character. There are many reasons why you should feel empowered, not pathetic, after shedding a few tears. In this article, we will present you just some of them.


According to a 1983 study published in the American Psychological Association, crying due to stress from sad thoughts, anxiety, or interpersonal relationships helped bring relief to most people.

When we cry, we are reducing the negative tension that builds up during our day to day lives. This helps us feel more comfortable and allows us to recharge our batteries more quickly. Also, emotional tears contain hormones that can help improve our mood after crying.

Professor Roger Baker, a visiting professor at the Bournemouth University and consultant clinical psychologist, believes that crying is the transformation of distress into something tangible, and the process itself reduces the feeling of trauma.


We are made to believe from an early age that showing negative emotions in front of other people is something that we must avoid at all costs. But, this popular belief in our society is completely opposite to human nature, which is a clear proof that every human being is a sensitive creature that is unable to hide its emotions all the time.

A study published in 1964 has shown that people respond less negatively and more compassionately to people who are crying. The study looked at the self-reported emotional response of people when they are in the presence of a crying person.

The results of the study have shown that even though most people felt uncomfortable when they were crying in front of others, they still managed to place their feelings above the social expectations. This feat is something that most of us can only wish to achieve.


We all cry for different reasons – anger, loneliness, stress are just some of them. Sometimes, we can even shed a few tears after watching a sad movie or hearing a nostalgic song.


The most important thing about negative emotions is to be able to confront them. If you fail to do so, it is very likely that you will develop some mental disorders like depression. Also, many people who refuse to face their feelings are trying to console themselves with excessive alcohol consumption or drug abuse.

Self-doubt, feelings of guilt, fear of punishment or judgement are the reasons that cause people to choke back tears and dissociate. Getting rid of this hindrances is the best way to improve your own mental health and show your courageous nature.

The best way to improve your own mental health and show that you are a courageous person is by getting rid of these hindrances.


People who are not afraid to express their emotions are honest and open with their family and friends when they are faced with difficulties.

If you and your friend are struck with some bad news, taking the first step in crying will help the other person to feel more comfortable in expressing their own emotions in front of you. Every person who can accept sadness when it’s facing with it allows the others to do the same.

This will help improve the relationships that you have with the people around you. As strange as it seems, crying makes you learn about who your true friends are. Those who are trying to avoid you when you feel most vulnerable are probably people that you should remove from your life.


If you have the urge to cry on a regular basis, you should consider talking to a counselor or therapist. In some cases, chronic episodes of crying could even be signs of depression and anxiety.

These mental disorders affect millions of people around the world and can lead to self-harm or even suicide if they aren’t treated properly. Click on links for anxiety and depression if you want to find out more info about how these disorders can affect your physical health.

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