Recommended From The Doctors: The Best Natural Laxative! Cleanses Bowels And Excess Fluid (Recipe)

According to many medical experts, constipation can be caused as a result of the following things: taking some medications, vitamins, fiber intake, insufficient water, excessive stress, lack of exercise and many other things.

Unfortunately, constipation can also be provoked by some other health conditions which should be prevented on time, so make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Luckily, there is a natural home remedy which will help you solve your problems with constipation in no time. There are many evidences that it is extremely effective, by all the people who have already tried it.

Moreover, the doctors prescribe it as a cure as well, and the best part about this remedy is that it is easily prepared. The results will amaze you for sure, you just need to follow these instructions and prepare it properly. Here’s what to do…


  • 150 g of dates
  • 150 g prunes
  • 5 cups of boiling water

The preparation and use

First of all, cut both the dates and prunes into small pieces. Next, add them to the boiling water and cook them until the mixture becomes thick. These ingredients will provide you 20 servings (tablespoons per day). The best part is that it can be consumed by people of all ages.

You should consume it in the morning, together with your breakfast in a cup of yogurt, a bowl of cereal or in many other ways on which you can think of. As we already mentioned, the results will amaze you since It relieves from constipation in a short period of time.

Source: cuisineandhealth

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