Foods You Shouldn’t Eat When You Have A Cold!

There are many mucus forming foods among which are milk, puddings and ice cream, so if you have a child who needs nutrition but stills loves dairy, make sure to use small amounts of fat-free milk or cultured dairy products only if absolutely necessary.

Cream soups create mucus as well, which is why they should have a clear broth base. When you are ill, you should limit your intake of heavy, greasy or very sweet foods. Instead, make sure to consume more fluids and fresh, light foods.

Person who is ill should drink diluted juices, warm herbal teas and eat broth-filled soups, while iced beverages and foods should be eliminated. On the other hand, if you have a sore throat, you should eat ice pops.

Another great solution for sick people are spicy soups since they can help them get rid of mucus. Moreover, they are also a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, such as vitamin C, which is needed for healing. It should also be mentioned that spicy foods like onions, peppers, garlic, and pungent spices are packed with antibacterial compound.

5 things you shouldn’t do when you have a cold:

Don’t keep your house closed up too tightly.

Even though people tend to stay at home by their fireplaces when it’s too cold outside and they also seal their homes, it is not good for their health since there is not enough airflow. The reason why this is not good is because toxins, germs and particles from cooking, among other airborne pollutants, all accumulate in the room. Moreover, germs keep on circulating in places like your home, school or at work. In order to prevent that, open up your doors and windows and let some fresh air in.

Don’t stay indoors all of the time.

You should get out during the winter because outdoor ait is invigorating and exposure to sun is also a great solution to stay healthy. Your entire body will function even better if you engage in skiing, ice fishing or sledding during winter. These things are especially beneficial for your immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Your mental health will also benefit from fresh air and sunlight. It has also been proven that depression and anxiety impair immune system function, so the combination of outdoor exercise and light will help you avoid depression and sadness. Getting exercise also will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Stop relying on hand sanitizer to keep you well.

Even though washing hands regularly reduces the number of bacteria on your hands, it is not enough to stay healthy. You still need to use other hygienic practices. Make sure to wash your hands properly, which is also very important. You need to wash them vigorously for at least 20 seconds and make sure to scrub between each of your fingers. After that, rinse and dry well.

Don’t go to work when you are sick.

When you are ill, you should stay at home no matter what your employer says, because then, the germs are the most contagious. Stay at home if you feel you are getting sick because you can affect other people as well. your children should also stay at home if they are ill. Even though you take cold and flu products, you should also rest well. Your symptoms may be suppressed, but you may actually be ill longer if you don’t take timeout to let your body heal.

Don’t burry yourself in blankets.

Don’t burry yourself in blankets if you have a fever, because it will only make it worse. Instead, you should remove the covers and heavy sleepwear which will help you reduce the fever. On the other hand, if you have chills but you don’t have fever, you are allowed to cover yourself with more blankets to warm up. Just be aware that chills are often the first sign of a fever. You should also be aware of the fact that fevers are most likely to rise in the late afternoon and evening.

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