Anemia can cause other illnesses to develop, thus you should try natural remedies in order to strengthen your blood. There is one old remedy which might look sully to you, but a lot of people tried it and confirmed it is very helpful.

You should take an organic apple, wash it well and then dry it. Take around 10-12 iron nails and a small amount of copper wire. Use a rubbing alcohol in order to clean them. Dry the nails and wire and place them in the apple, trying to insert them in the stem. Let the apple stay for half a day, or leave it overnight. Remove the nails and wire in the morning and consume the apple.

You can eat the whole apple, prepare it in a juice and drink it, or grate it and add 1 tsp of organic honey and lemon juice of half lemon. It is advisable to take it before breakfast.

NOTE: the iron nails and copper need to e placed in the apple after they are washed thoroughly late at night. Let the apple stay still for 12 hours and consume it in the morning.

You can take the remedy each day for a period of one week. You don’t have to clean the wire and nails each time you pull them, but scrape the buildup on them and place them in another fresh apple after that. The positive results will be felt one week after its usage. Moreover, the procedure in which manufacturers produce sprayed apples is less natural than this remedy which includes nails.

Do not be afraid of tetanus or other diseases as iron is transferred into the digestive system directly and it has the ability to absorb and process it. The iron will not go unprocessed into your blood. Nails oxidize inside the apple due to the high moisture levels and the specific content of the fruit. The copper wire will help in speeding up the iron absorption.

Those patients who have struggled with anemia for a longer period of time say that this remedy is amazing and is much safer compared to commercial supplements for iron.

Source: naturehealthfamily

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