12 Strange Things That Can Happen To Your Eyes

We have five senses that help us navigate and interact with the environment and they are: taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. Unfortunately, we take them for granted because we use them on a daily basis, but we become aware of their importance only when something bad happens to them.

In this article we will present you the strangest things that can happen to your eyes:

Tooth in the eye –people can have tooth in the eye due to having tumor or if it is implanted into the eye by a doctor. An Indian girl had a tumor inside her eye which was growing and it had teeth in it because this type of tumor can develop into any kind of tissue.

Albino red eyes – this condition is caused due to insufficient melanin and pigment. As you all know, albino people usually have white hair, pale skin and pink/red seeming eyes. Due to the lack of melanin, their eyes are transparent and they appear red because the blood vessels behind them can be seen through the lenses. Moreover, albino people should wear sunglasses all the time because they are very sensitive to light.

Color blindness – people affected by this condition cannot differentiate between colors like green, red, blue and yellow. Even though this is harmless condition, It can still make them reading a traffic light hard. Men are more affected by color blindness than women.

Eye cancer or eye tumor –limbal dermoids is the most common type of eye cancer and it can develop anywhere in the eye. Luckily, they are usually benign, but can have some unusually hair growth on them.

Star in the eye – this condition is also known as cataracts which affects mostly older people. One electrician from Florida suffered from this eye problem because he came into contact with 14 thousand volts of electricity which travelled through his body and his optic nerve.

Two different colored eyes –there are couple of versions associated by this syndrome. For instance, lack of melanin causes heterochromia iridum which is benign and genetic. On the other hand, it can also be caused by certain disease or a traumatic event. As a result of that, the eyes are similarly colored which may not be evident instantly. Sectoral heterochromia is another condition where only one part of the eye has a different color and it is more spread among people than the first one.

Pupula duplex – this condition is characterized by a double pupil located in the irises of each eye. People consider this condition as a myth since there is no medical information which proves it exists, but still some historical records claim that there were people with two pupils.

Ocular herpes –this condition is causes by the same virus that causes cold sores on the lips. It should be mentioned that this condition can be dangerous since it happens inside the eye and may contribute to temporary vision loss.

Eye paralysis – due to this condition, the eye loses all of its sensory and motor functions. The main factors for its occurrence are diabetes and tumor in the pituitary gland. It depends on the case and what causes it for the doctors to be able to prescribe a treatment.

Polucoria – this condition is characterized by 2 pupils both existing in one iris and are capable of acting independently. This condition is rare, while more common is pseudopolycoria that looks like there are two pupils in one iris, but is caused by a hole in the iris. This condition is usually caused by a disease or certain trauma.

Exophthalmos – it is a condition of abnormal protrusion of the eye balls. However, there are also some people who can pop their eyes intentionally.

Crying blood –haemoclaria is the condition where people cry blood. There are some cases of this condition all over the world, but medical experts are still not able to discover the causes.

Source: healthytipsworld

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