They Hide From Public Many Years: These Seeds Can Kill Cancer!

Nowadays, it seems that the humanity has disappeared from the world of pharmacy and medicine. There are millions of people dealing with terminal diseases in the world, and so few who are helping them to fight them.

It is sad how the media all over the world talks about chemotherapy and this death industry, and nobody talks about all the available remedies that are revolutionary and that are able to treat even the most severe types of cancer In no time.

The researchers from the University of Kentucky conducted a study and their focus was on the properties of grape seed extract.

The grape seed extract was exposed in a lab experiment and it was found this extract caused the destruction of leukemia cells “by including” protein known as JNK that regulates the destruction of cancer cells.

It is also sad how the cancer industry is screaming about the pandemic of this life-threatening and incurable disease and its mortality, while the science has evidences who are showing that cancer is no longer dangerous and it can be cured as all other diseases if treated on time with all those available natural and effective treatments. Unfortunately, Big Pharma is hiding them from the general public.

Source: greentreemedic

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