Scientists Discovered That This Fruit Destroys Cancer In Just 48 Hours! (Video)

A type of berry discovered on the Blushwood tree in Australia, on the far north region of this country is showing amazing success in the treatment of numerous types of cancer (head, skin, neck and breast cancer).

But how successful is it? EBC46, directly injected in the tumor, can destroy it in only 48 hours.

For additional information and if you are interested in participating in a trial, click here.

Blushwood berries are the fruit from the blushwood tree that grows in one place in the world: the rainforests in the

Far North region of Queensland in Australia.

These tropical bushed cannot be found und anywhere else on the planet, but grow abundantly near the northeastern tip of Australia.

These particular bushes require very specific conditions in order to thrive—conditions that are only met in that particular area of Queensland, Australia.

Thinking about the usefulness of these berries as it was proven in the latest cancer study published in the journal PLOS One, people are wondering if they can grow in greenhouses, so that all people around the world can benefit from their amazing cancer-destroying properties.

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