The lines on the forehead can reveal a lot about your mental and physical state f you know how to read them.

Vertical lines on the forehead

  • Single vertical crease – if there is a vertical single crease placed between your eyebrows then it means that you are stubborn and persistent with a level of determination which many admire you as you do not give up easily. These people are seen as selfish, egoistic, unromantic, and serious.
  • Two vertical creases – you are kind, caring, sympathetic, and empathic person, typically getting along with almost every person. You are able to see the other side of the things and are likable. If the lines are angled, then it means that you have a quick temper and overreact. But, if you have multiple lines, then it means that you are a perfectionist and you analyze things before making decisions. You are also very hardworking.

Horizontal lines on the forehead

There are different representations of them as there are couple of the lines which can appear. Each of them is associated with astrology, form the hairline travelling to your eyebrows in the name order of Saturn down to Moon.

  • Saturn line – you are interested in foreign languages, agriculture, or mining. You are reserved in nature.
  • Jupiter line – this person enjoys food to the point of overeating and money to the point of wealth. You love knowledge and have strong beliefs in religion.
  • Mars line – you have a bad temper and you are very selfish and aggressive. Moreover, you have a lot of stamina and courage.
  • Sunline – you want prestige and the power that comes with it. You hold a good place in society and may work for the government, even.
  • Venus line – it is the third one up from the eyebrows and it means that you are artistic regarding to the music instruments and singing. You love entertainment and the pleasure of fine art.
  • Mercury line – you are a good communicator and may have a career as a sale person, business, or journalism.
  • Moon line – it is above the forehead and it means that you love poetry, music, and good food with excellent wines. You are trusted and have a good intuition.

If in case you have one of the horizontal lines and they are not broken, or do not have any black marks or lines crossing, then this is a good sign. But if the lines are interrupted, then it means that you have a bad disposition.

Horizontal lines on the forehead and health

Horizontal lines may refer that you have worries and that you have a lot of built up stress. You have to find time to relax. Also, horizontal lines may be associated with your stomach health, so if you have time you may be consuming lots of sugar and fat. You may need to drink a lot of water and pay attention on what you consume

Natural ways to smooth lines on the forehead:

  • Grape seed extract – 100-300 mg supplement should be taken daily for 21 days and return to 100mg after that.
  • Rosehip oil – use it as a night cream to moisturize dry and combat fatigued skin.
  • Hedge mustard oil – mix it with 15 drops of sunflower or almond oil and massage your face.
  • Limit salt intake – it dehydrates the skin and makes wrinkles look worse. Drink more water.
  • Splash cold water – it will provide instant regeneration of the skin and increase your blood flow in that area.

Source: healthytipsworld

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