Woman Gets Infected With HIV After Manicure At Nail Salon

We all know that the most usual way of transmitting the HIV virus is through blood, sex and used needles. Nevertheless, these common ways are not also the only ways to transmit this extremely dangerous virus. In this article, we will present you the most bizarre case which occurred to a Brazilian woman who found out she was HIV positive after using a nail clipper that had been infected with the virus.

She wanted to donate blood when she found out that she was infected by HIV virus. After she did the required tests, she was told that even though her blood parameters were in optimal range, there was still a sign of high viral load. She was in shock because she couldn’t get the virus through sex or drug abuse, but then, in one moment, she remembered that one of the few things she had shared was this manicure equipment. Nearly ten years ago, the woman had shared the manicure equipment at a nail salon with a cousin of hers, who was later tested HIV-positive.

After her and her cousin’s blood samples were analyzed, it was concluded that their viral genetic material is a match. This actually proves that she contracted the virus through a simple nail clipper.

Unfortunately, even today, the CDC doesn’t include nail clippers on the list of HIV-spreading mechanisms. According to the scientists, the HIV virus can’t be transmitted by casual contact such as sharing eating utensils or drinking from the same glass.

Moreover, they also claim that this case is very rare and there is no need to put it on the list and people should not fear to contact with people infected with the virus.

However, this unfortunate girl from Brazil is yet another example that might mean that some things need to change soon.

Source: makeyourlifehealthier

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