“Destroyer Of Weakness” – This Ancient Mineral Completely Restores Your Physical And Mental Health!

In case you have eyes for treasure, it can be found everywhere. Treasure is not only the cage full of money, it can be everything, also it can be found in small pieces.

The best example for this is Shilajit, which is one of the most prized medicines in Asia, in the last thousand years.

It is found in the cracks of the Himalayan Mountains.  In the past the people didn’t know about this because they were looking only for treasure in shape of money and gold.

They didn’t touch everything only safe things, and they were separating the things on what was safe ad what was poison.

Upon seeing packs of native chimps snacking on the Shilajit tar and further observing that those who did seemed to be the strongest, most intelligent and long-lived of the bunch, the indigenous people began ingesting the night-black mineral pitch themselves. When they too began experiencing the benefits:—a rapid restoration of their health and enhanced cognitive and physical abilities—they knew they had stumbled on a great discovery.

It was transmitted from generation to generation that the Shilajit was discovered originally.

After a lot of studies and researches it was discovered that, it is nutrient dense substance on the plane. It contain humic and fulvic acids which are the best detox nutrients for the heavy metals.

Over the course of millions of years, the lush primeval vegetation that once blanketed Asia was decomposed by the forces of nature, eventually becoming highly compacted under the weight of the mountains, which later formed as continental plates collided.

Over 6,500 different species of ancient plants spent many millennia in a sort of geological alchemy that created a thick, black, resin-like substance trapped deep within the Himalayan, Caucasus, and other famous mountain ranges in the region.

With this mineral are discovered spectrum different also very useful essential minerals.

They also found amino acids, fulvic, humic, ellagic, fatty acids and plant sterols.

Also with this mineral people know the benefits and they notice that with their health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Shilajit

  • Adaptogenc (helps to restore the balance to one’s system and giving endurance)
  • Controller of thousand body’s delicately tuned processes, hormones.)
  • Restoration of the sexual function
  • promote the conitive abilities
  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • improve mood
  • generally extend lifespan
  • reduces pain and inflammatory
  • heals the digestive tract
  • keep harmful bacteria in check
  • remineralizer
  • detoxifier
  • removing heavy metals
  • Treat: allergies, malnutrition, anemia, broken bones.

Selecting quality Shilajit

This is found in many parts in Asia, and just like the others cultures, so this tends to have the own name for the substance. In Western and Central Asia it is called Moomiyo, but in the Himalayas is called Shilajit.

It is very tough to collect, so it originates in developing countries so they will produce currently available through various health food stores.

The most sought after and rare form is the night-black mineral resin, with only a handful of companies selling it worldwide. It is a sticky, wet-looking “tar” that is an intensely concentrated and purified form of Shilajit. It can be pricey, although a little goes a long way, making even a small amount last for months, even at higher dosages.

When you are using the powder discernment is needed, ad not all brands are equal.

It was available, so the pure Shilajit is made from 2% to 10% naturally occurring humic and fluvic acids, and the rest of the portion is made prom minerals and other different substances.

Furthermore, only 10% to 30% can be produced powdered Shilajit, and about 70-90% extracted humic and fluvic acids, produced in the lab later.

Shilajit is not grown like most herbs and foods, so there are no organic or conventional distinctions. If authentic and unadulterated, Shilajit is wild crafted, which is truly what lends it such incredible healing properties!

  1. Lotus blooming herbs

LAB TESTED FOR SAFETY by USA, third party, FDA registered, cGMP certified, independent laboratory.

Our highest grade Authentic Shilajit is provided in it’s purified RESIN form. A black gooey mineral complex. We do not offer capsules or powder. Shilajit contains over 85 minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally and fulvic acid, which helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level.

100% pure, highest grade, Himalayan shilajit.

We personally source, select and oversee purification in the Himalayas.

Sourced from altitudes above 16,000 feet.

  1. Pure Himalayan Shilajit
  • How to use and dosage measurement instruction is included + wooden spatula and additional cover
  • Tested for metals and microbiological safety by USA laboratory
  • Packed fresh and liquid right after purification, no high temperature drying procedures
  • Genuine traditional warm spring water and herbal solution purification
  • Natural and pristine environment, no machinery or chemicals used, ethical harvesting
  • Purblack Shilajit
    1. Elite resin. Unique patent-pending manufacturing method.
    2. Genuine resin without excipients of fillers.
    3. Outperforms all traditional Shilajit – Mumie in quality and efficacy.
    4. American technology. Manufacturing fully controlled by a US company.
    5. FDA requirements compliant. Comprehensive, transparent, testing.
    6. Elite resin. Unique patent-pending manufacturing method.
    7. Genuine resin without excipients of fillers.
    8. Outperforms all traditional Shilajit – Mumie in quality and efficacy.
    9. American technology. Manufacturing fully controlled by a US company.
    10. FDA requirements compliant. Comprehensive, transparent, testing.

Source: healthguard24

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