Anna Cameron was diagnosed with cancer. She had an operation when the cancer was in stage third. She was well informed about the cancer and the diseases since her husband was diagnosed and died from lung cancer even after unsuccessful chemotherapy treatments.

Six months after the surgery Ann was informed that the cancer has moved to fourth stage and was spreading on her lungs.

This was the point was Ann decided to go for an alternative treatments.

Searching on the internet she found a story that pretty much amazed her. The story of Ralph Cole who manage to cure his skin cancer only with carrot juice!

He was using a juice prepared of 2.5 kilograms of carrots every day and drank it.

Ann decided to start drinking carrot juice every day. From the whole juice of 2.5 kilograms she was drinking evenly doses throughout the whole day.

After two months Ann found that the cancer has stop spreading. The swelling of the lymph glands were reduced and the tumors in the lungs were shrunk.

And 2 more months with this carrot juice therapy and the cancer was gone. Ann’s glands were normal again and the size of the tumors was reducing constantly.

Eight months after she start drinking the carrot juice the computer tomography did not show any signs of cancer in Ann’s body.

Carrots are rich with carotene and high amounts of fatty alcohol. The carotene prevents creations of tumors. We can say that carrots have all natural anticancer properties and qualities.

Ann has shared her story how she managed to cure colon cancer with natural cancer juice on her blog.

Source: justamazingrecipes

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