Blowing On Your Thumb Has This Effect On Your Body

Not always should we take medications in order to treat some health problems because there are several tricks which can help us as clear stuffy nose, soothe sore throat and many other conditions as well.

We can treat stress, ailments and the most irritating aches as well just by applying some useful tricks and focusing on other things.

Use Needles Without Having Any Fear

Don’t fear the needles just think of them as harmless and cough slightly so that you don’t feel the pain.

Eliminate Nervousness

This trick will help you stay calm. Just blow on your thumb and you will feel better immediately. This method will help you regulate the breathing and it will control the vagus nerve, thus slowing the heart rate.

Sooth Migraines in Just A Couple of Seconds

If you are dealing with a severe migraine, you just need to apply pressure on the spot between your index finger and your thumb. Make sure to massage this spot for 2 minutes on each hand.

Use circular motions in order to stimulate the blood flow and to release any blocked energy as well.

Clears Stuffy Nose

If you are dealing with stuffy sinuses, you need to press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and use your finger in order to put pressure on your eyebrows.

This pressure is going to trigger a movement which goes backwards and forwards, thus stimulating drainage. Remember  to take deep breaths every 20 seconds.

Prevents Burn Scars

If you burn yourself, forget about ice packs, instead, apply a pressure on the burnt area with the pads of your fingers. This method will help you postpone the restoring of normal temperature in that particular part of the body and as a result it will prevent the occurance of blisters later. After a while, your skin will heal itself naturally and most importantly, there will be no scars.

How to Calm a Scratchy Throat

Even though gargling saline solution or drinking a hot tea helps, it is just temporarily. Luckily, there is another very interesting solution which will  help you eliminate the pain for good.

According to Dr. Schaffer, who is president of a specialty center for ear, nose and throat, all you need to do is to scratch your ear. He claims that when the nerves found in the ears are stimulated, there is a reflex in the throat which leads to a muscle spasm. As a result of that, it will soothe the tickle.

Chill the Nerves

In order to eliminate stress, make sure to splash some ice-cold water in your face, but remember to hold your breath.

As a result of that, the brain will trigger the  “mammalian diving relax”. This reflex will actually help your body to make better use of the oxygen and you will be much calmer.

Another solution is to drink a glass of cold water which is going to have a similar effect.

Relieves Toothaches Immediately

If you feel that your tooth is going to start ache, all you have to do is to place an ice pack on the back of your hand and then start moving it backwards and forwards between your thumb and index finger.

This path is consisted of nerve pathways which transmit the pain signal from the hands and face to the brain. This means that cold temperature will block the pain signals.

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