Amazing Asian Diet – Lose 3 kg In Only 10 Days!

It is interesting to know that most women in Asia always seem to have a cellulite free body and an attractive figure.

This can be directly linked to their very healthy diet which is free from saturated fats and refined sugar.

Their eating habits are also a contributory factor as most foods are served in small bowls that are not filled to the brim.

The Asian diet in this article was created by Dr. Colin Campbell who is the author of “The China Study”, a book in which he transformed the traditional Asian nutrition into a healthy dietary plan.

Rice is the primary component in most Asian diet and it is usually combined with fruits, vegetables and meat.

Other times this rice could be alternated with corn, noodles (made with integral flour) or integral bread.

Having an Asian woman’s body with its slender physique you will have to have a diet comprising of onions, garlic, spinach, Swiss chard and carrots. These veggies should be eaten daily and they can be taken fresh, spiced up with vinegar and oil or boiled.

You should also include fresh cheese, yogurt, soy and nuts to your daily dietary plan.

Poultry or eggs can be eaten once a week, but fresh fruits, walnuts, pure honey and dark chocolate (min.75% cocoa content) should be a regular meal.

You can eat red meat once a month and this includes; beef, veal and pork but pork should be very rarely.

It is believed by Dr. Colin Campbell that if you stick to his Asian diet you will lose 3 kilograms in an amazing 10 day period.

Here’s his Asian diet menu:

For Breakfast

  • Eat some cooked millet in skimmed milk and drink a cup of green tea with lemon. Make sure the tea is unsweetened though.

As A Snack

  • Drink green tea, eat a grapefruit or an orange.
  • You can also have some chopped fruit in low-caloric yogurt.

For Lunch

  • Eat a combination of integral rice with cooked tomato sauce and vegetables. You can include baked potato that is spiced with vinegar and lemon and also eat chicken.

As A Snack

  • Have a cup of green tea or chamomile tea.
  • You can also drink skimmed milk.

For Dinner

  • Consume broccoli and some other green veggies combined with shredded or chopped chicken that has been spiced and seasoned with olive oil and a bit of lemon.

As A Late Night Snack

  • Drink milk or green tea if you go to bed quite late.


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