If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

As you all know, almonds are abundant in healthy fats, antioxidants, flavonoids, proteins and beneficial phenols which is why they are considered as an incredibly healthy food with numerous healthy benefits.

This is why many people worldwide tend to consume almond milk thinking that it is extremely healthy. Nevertheless, this is not true because milk product doesn’t have the health benefits of fresh almond.

You should be aware of the fact that almond milk contains only a handful of almonds in one packing, and the rest of the ingredients are additives, water and sweeteners.

Recent study conducted in the United Kingdom discovered that in almond milk brand Alpro, there are only 2% of almonds while the rest of the ingredients are water, sweeteners, added A, E, D vitamins and  carrageenan (a thickening agent).

This means that in order to satisfy your need for nutrients, you need to drink all the packing of almond milk, because one cup of this milk contains only 30 calories and a serving of almonds has 160 calories.

These facts have never been published because of the enormous impact on companies producing almond milk.

Moreover, a plant-based milk company called White Wave, used additives in this milk that include a common thickener, Carrageenan, which has been found to cause inflammation of the digestive tract.

Now when you know all these facts, we suggest you to avoid buying commercial almond milk, and instead make your own homemade almond milk which will provide you with all the nutrients you need. The best part is that you will avoid all harmful sweeteners and additives.

Source:  healthyfoodandhomeremedies

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