Stop Eating Them Every Day! These Toxic Foods Could Kill You!!!

Preparing your food improperly can be harmful and may even be fatal. To avoid food poisoning and other life-threatening health problems, you need to prepare, cook and preserve your food properly. Here are the top naturally toxic foods that should be thoroughly prepared:


Rhubarb’s leaves contain oxalic acid which can cause kidney stones. However, eating it often and in larger quantities can be fatal.


Beans are a favorite of millions, but they contain plant lectin, a toxin which is a kind of a primitive protection system similar to our antibodies. The toxin is so powerful, that eating only 3 cooked beans can cause diarrhea and vomiting.


6% of all mushroom species are highly toxic and often fatal, so make sure you’re eating only the safe ones and preparing them properly.


Apples are great for your overall health, but their seeds contain cyanide which can cause food poisoning if eaten in larger quantities. Don’t forget to remove the seeds every time you’re eating apples.


The leaves and green parts of tomatoes contain a toxin called tomatine which is often used in pest control. People suffering from rheumatism should avoid eating the bright red vegetable as it may worsen their condition.


Green potatoes are rich in glycoalkaloids, which have been known to be fatal.


Nutmegs are a known hallucinogen which can cause psychosis if eaten in large quantities.


Similar to apples, cherries’ seeds also contain cyanide. Swallowing only a couple of seeds can raise your body temperature and cause difficulties breathing, so make sure you spit out the seeds whenever you’re enjoying cherries.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are the food with the highest natural radioactivity – the concentration is 800 times higher than in any other food.


This Japanese delicacy has been known to cause paralysis and there have even been a few fatal cases. The fish is so difficult to prepare, that chefs spend 2-3 years in training to learn the process.

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