Add 1 Tbsp Of This To The Stem Of Your Plants And Watch What Happens!

We all know that cinnamon is very beneficial for our overall health, but you should also know that cinnamon is beneficial for plants too.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine claims that the consumption of cinnamon will help you in the treatment of common cold, erectile dysfunction, diarrhea, infections, vomiting and muscle spasms.

Nevertheless, beside its medicinal properties and its delicious taste, cinnamon can also be used for our plants. We can use it for both indoor and outdoor plants In order to keep them healthy and safe.

6 Great Uses for Cinnamon in Your Garden

  1. Seedlings

We have all seen the documentaries which present little sea turtles tucked away in their sandy womb, breaking their shells and running to the ocean for shelter. We have also seen that the predators enjoy a baby turtle sandwich, which is actually the circle of life. Well, this can also happen to your little seedlings.

The little turtles are attacked by birds or sharks, while the seeds are affected by all kinds of diseases. When these diseases attack your little seeds, they lead to their demise. If you didn’t know, dampening off is the gardening term that covers an array of diseases. This means that it can be caused by several different fungi and soil conditions. Luckily, it has been proven that cinnamon is an excellent fungus fighter. In order to prevent seeds from dampening off, you should dust your fresh soil with cinnamon. It’s like you’re helping the little baby turtles (seeds) flourish in their new environment.

  1. Rooting Hormone

In order to remove chemicals from your household, stop buying chemical rooting hormones, and instead apply cinnamon to the stem when you plant the cutting.

  1. Wild Mushrooms

When it comes to mushrooms, they don’t like cinnamon. So, in order to get rid of them from your garden, just spread a little bit of cinnamon and they will dissapear.

  1. House Plants

Be careful with your indoor plants as well, and spread some cinnamon in order to get rid of mold and mildew in your plants. All you have to do is to sprinkle some cinnamon on the soil and watch your plants flourish. Moreover, cinnamon has the ability to destroy gnats in seedlings and houseplants and it can keep them away.

  1. Plant Wounds

If you accidently cut or wound your plant, don’t feel sorry, just dust some cinnamon on the wound to encourage healing and prevent infection (yes plants can get infections).

  1. Ant Deterrent

Ants hate cinnamon, so in  order to get rid of them, you just need to spread some cinnamon around your garden beds. If you have ants inside your house, just sprinkle some cinnamon near your entrances and watch the ants flee.

As you can see, cinnamon is extremely beneficial for both your and your plant’s health and the best part is that it is not expensive and you can find it in any store. Say bye to chemicals and hello to cinnamon!

Source: barenaturaltruth

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