What Happens When You Press This Part Of Your Body?

Nowadays, many people start using traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture and they believe more in its effects rather than in the effects of conventional medicine. In this article, we will reveal yet another simple method, based on acupuncture, which will help you get rid of negative energy, stress and anxiety.

According ti Chinese medicine, the human body has energy meridians and along them, there are many acupuncture points.

Former physician of the President Nixon, Kenneth Riland claims that acupuncture is the largest achievement in medicine ever.

Chi, or life energy flows through the meridians thus raising the functions of the body. By pressing all those acupressure points, we can stimulate the flow of energy and treat many health problems.

There are 12 meridians of energy that connect all the vital organs, thus maintaining the balance in the body. The state of our organism says a lot about unproper function of a certain energy point.

As you all know, every day stress leads to certain blockages in the meridians. As a result, we suffer from many dangerous diseases. Peristent stress can lead to serious health problems.

In order to get rid of stress and to activate the flow of energy in the meridians. We should stimulate certain acupuncture points. They are stimulated by pressure.

CV17 is the energy point connected to our heart and feelings and it is located in the exact center of our chest. By pressing this particular point, you will relieve stress and get rid of nervousness. Moreover, this point is also responsible to balance the level of Yin energy (standby energy) and Yang (energy of motion and action). Negative emotions and stress cause an imbalance of these two energies which reflects on our immune system.

CV17 acupressure poin can be found just 4 fingers above the lower end of the chest bone in the middle of the chest.

Once you have found it, you should use your fingertips and gently massage the area. As a result, you will feel where it will hurt.

You should also place your hands as in prayer pose and sit back so that your back is straight.

After that, place your hands in chest height and then press the point with the back of the thumb point.

Another way to stimulate this point is to use the middle finger and place the ring finger and index finger just above and beneath it.

Stress and anxiety will disappear in no time if you breathe deeply during this exercise.

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