The Body Shape Says A Lot About The Needed Diet For Weight Loss

Beside describing the physical appearance, “body type” also means what we need to consume in order to lose excess weight and how the body will respond to that food. People should be aware of this fact if they want to lose weight properly.

The body types

You should know that not everyone can fit in every type or just in one type, so these 3 general types cover everyone in the general sense. Continute reading the article to find out which diet is the best for you.

  1. Ectomorph

The person that belongs to this type is slim, thin and has small bones. Moreover, the limbs are long and very skinny. This person can tolerate carbs more than the rest of the types, which means his/hers metabolism is fast and the person is also an endurance athlete. People who belong to this group should eat a lot of carbs, less proteins and little fat.

  1. Mesomorph

People who belong to this group are medium built in between the types. In most of the cases, they are active, athletic and have more lean mass than others. Examples of mesomorphs are wrestlers and gymnasts. Muscle gain for them is easy and they have little body fat since they gave more testosterone and growth hormones. They should eat mixed foods or balanced foods, equally protein/carb/fat.

  1. Endomorph

Endomorph people have big bones and large frame, and the most common examples of them are football players and power lifters. Metabolism for them is a bit slower since they are not too active. As a result, they store extra fat due to extra calories. Their diet should consist of more fat and protein, and they should eat right after their workouts.

As we previously mentioned, the fastest and the healthiest way to reduce fat is to see how your body reacts to carbs in terms of gaining or losing weight. However, if you are one of those who eat and sit in front of a TV, you should avoid carbs as much as you can.

Source: onlinehealthsociety

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