Even The Doctors Are Shocked This Simple Drink Can Cure Diabetes In Just 5 Days

Many people all over the world are dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure, and most of them tend to use conventional medications to treat their conditions. However, 4 years ago, one man diagnosed with diabetes decided to treat his conditions naturally. Once he was diagnosed, he started consuming raw vegetables and fruits and finally succeeded in restoring his health!

There were several symptoms that indicated he has diabetes. For instance, he was feeling thirsty all the time and when he consulted his doctor, they diagnosed him with diabetes. The results showed that his sugar level was 29 and the doctor said that his pancreas is no longer functioning. In order to stay alive, he had to take insulin on a daily basis.

Due to the fact that he had no choice, he started taking the therapy and became physically more active.

Nevertheless, after some period of time, his condition became even worse because he took so many medications that did more harm to his overall organism than good. For instance, his triglyceride levels elevated to 16, the blood pressure was 150/100 …

All of that was too much for him, so, on New Year’s Eve, he decided to turn an entirely new page in life.

The reason why he decided to make some drastic changes in his lifestyle is because he saw a show called “The Edge of Science” on TV, which interviewed Dr. John Zirdum, who consumed only raw foods for 12 years. After some extensive thinking, the man decided to attempt the same approach. He bought a blender and decided to change his life completely.

Even though he experienced certain temptations during the first week, he overcame them and the results from his change in diet were visible soon. His blood sugar levels fell to 5.

This came as a shock to him, because despite all the medications, his condition didn’t improved until this change in diet. After this amazing results, he stopped taking insulin and believed that his new diet cannot elevate the sugar levels. Nothing changed for some time and his blood sugar levels remained stable and he also started losing weight.

In only 25days, this young man lost 11 kilograms, and this trend continued.

4 months later, he was a completely new person, with 20 kilograms less, without taking insulin, and his blood pressure was 120/70 and the triglyceride levels were 1.4. due to this amazing results, he didn’t have to take any kind of pilss which is why he felt healthy, happy and satisfied.

Today, we will tell you the recipe of his favorite juice:


  • 5 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • 2 kiwis
  • A handful of kale

Method of preparation:

In half a liter of water, add all the ingredients and mix them well.


Make sure to drink half a liter of this delicious and incredible juice in the morning on an empty stomach, and consume the rest during the day.

More tips:

In order to follow this extremely healthy diet properly, you need to consume fresh fruits, fruit salads, tuna, etc on a regular basis.

At the end, you will not feel hungry, as the brain will know that the stomach is full.


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