Start Eating Papaya Seeds Right Now –A Magical Cure for Gut, Liver, Kidney, Cancer and…

Papaya is an incredibly healthy and delicious fruit that provides many health benefits for your body.It abounds in many vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Thiamine
  • Niacin
  • Papain

These health properties of papaya improve your immune as well as the digestive system.

However, most of the people eat papaya, throwing away its seeds because they do not know they are loaded with many health benefits.

Some of the benefits, papaya seeds provide are:

1. Papaya seeds improve the work of your kidneys

A regular consumption of papaya seeds not only improve the health of your kidneys but help you avoid renal failure.

2. They improve the health of your liver

Papaya seeds will detoxify your liver and will improve its work. Grind 5-6 seeds and add them in a juice, smoothie or in your meal. Consume this for a month and you will notice the results.

3. They are rich in anti-inflammatory properties

Papaya seeds will help you fight diseases as a result of inflammation in your joints including gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

4. They destroy Cancer

Papaya seeds are high in isothiocyanate, a compound that is really effective in fighting leukemia, colon, breast, lung and prostate cancer.

5. Papaya seeds abound in antimicrobial properties

They possess very powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. They are especially useful for treating diseases including Salmonella, E. coli, Staph, Dengue and Typhoid fever.

6. Papaya seeds kill parasites

They are high in carpaine, a potent alkaloid that help you remove all the intestinal worms and parasites. They boost the metabolism with this protein and protect the digestive tract.

7. They boost the process of digestion

Papaya seeds are loaded with papain, an enzyme that helps in breaking down protein.

8. They are natural contraceptives

Papaya seeds will reduce your sperm but it will not affect your libido in any way. They have been used as a natural contraceptive in South Asia for centuries.

How to Consume Papaya Seeds

You can consume them in the following ways:

  • In a raw state (they have a bitter taste and a strong hint of pepper)
  • Ground or crushed in a salad dressing, smoothie, milk or honey

Be Careful When Consuming Papaya Seeds!

  • Pregnant women should not consume papaya seeds.
  • Breastfeeding and nursing mothers should also avoid them.
  • Consult a doctor before you give your children papaya seeds because they have potent anti-parasitic properties.


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