6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible for You and Should Never Be Drunk Again

Millions of people die every year due to different types of diseases, epidemics, poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and breakouts. Even though people are working hard to get rid of these reasons which lead to death, still many of them can’t manage to survive. Moreover, there are many things which are bad to our health, but still become addiction to people and one major reason of death is Mountain Dew.

Barney and Ally Hartman invendted this drink in 1940, and in 1985, the preparation of the drink got changed by Bill Bridgforth and Tip Corporation of Marion.

Even though Mountain Dew is the major reason for numerous health issues, people still continue drinking it on a daily basis.

  1. Use of GMO Products

See the ingredients used for the preparation of Mountain Dew which are all GMO products and you will realize how bad is this drink for our overall health.

  • GMO corn and soy
  • BVO (it is banned in Japan and EU)
  • Sodium benzoate (it is preservative) (It can highly react with vitamin C in Dew to creates carcinogens)
  • Yellow dye (formed from coal tar)
  • BPA

All of the abovementioned ingredients are producing the most hazardous products which can completely destroy your organism. Nevertheless, the manufacturers of Pepsi claim that there are no harmful chemicals in Mountain Dew and it is safe to drink it. Moreover, they also claimed that FDA has approved BVO as a safe ingredients which is common in citrus based drinks.

  1. Acknowledgement by Pepsi

Even though it sounds that we want to defame the drink, the facts given here are all true.

Ronald Ball, in 2012 conducted an experiment. He got something jelly like in the bottle of Mountain Dew which tasteed like rancid. After that, he took the content out and it seemed like a dissolved mouse in bottle.

After the experiment, he sued the Pepsi Co immediately with the proof. It will come as a shock to you to hear that Papsi actually acknowledged that the Mountain Dew might have dissolved the mouse and turned it into jelly.

It is quite scarry, isn’t it? Imagine what this beverage is doing on your inside organs after its consumption.

  1. Mountain Dew has adverse impact on Reproductive System

The rummors that the consumption of this drink affects your reproductive system are not true at all. However, Mountain Dew is still related with reproductive system issues and it’s due to the plastic bottle container. This bottle contains BPA which is a layer of chemical that protects the bottle from acidic reaction of the drink.  The bad news is that BPA has a direct impact on the infertility rate. There are other side-effects as well:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Reproductive system cancers
  • Changes in the beta cells in pancreas
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  1. The level of acidic is far more than you can Imagine!

According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, the acidic level of  Mountain Dew is way higher than any other soft drinks. For instance, Pepsi and Coke have pH of 2.5 while Mountain Dew pH of 3.

  1. Misleading Advertising

People drink Mountain Dew because of the many commercials which promote it. Moreover, those who love playing video games tend to drink a lot of this beverage while playing their favorite video games. According to the Environmental Health News, those who are addicted to video games spend up to 12 hours a day and they drink this beverage during the whole time. However, not only the gamers are addicted to this beverage. Red Bull and Mountain Dew were also promoted by Honey Boo at her appearance on Toddlers and Tiara before her performances. As a result of this endorsment, many people are consuming this toxic drink.

  1. Long Term Impact of Mountain Dew

Beside obesity and cancers, Mountain Dew is also considered as a silent killer. Even though the consumption of this beverage won’t directly kill you, the regular consumption will cause numerous health conditions which lead to death. The harmful chemicals will have adverse impact on overall health and well-being.

How to Stop this?

The reasons abovementioned should be enough for you to stop watching the commercials and stop drinking this hazardous beverage. It has nothing to nourish your body, but totally oposite, it will destroy your overall health.

Instead of drinking Mountain Dew, make drinking natural juices your new habit and stay healthy.

Source: letsgohealthy

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