Start your morning with apple!

Apple in the morning for a good day. Apple is one of the healthiest fruit, and it is good that it is present almost everywhere in the world. Almost has no person that not heard for an apple.

Apple is very healthy, because it is rich to all substances that our body needs. That’s why is recommended to everyone, every day to eat at least one apple.

On this occasion we will present a morning drink made from apples and red grapefruit.

Ingredients that are needed: 2 apples and half of red grapefruit.

This drink is prepared very simply. Is enough to peel grapefruit, wash the apples, cut into small pieces and mix all in the juice extractor. This juice between meals reduced hunger and alleviates the rumbling that sometimes occurs in the stomach.

If the feeling of hunger occurs in the morning, the reason is probably drop of blood sugar level. This can be easily resolved by changing some unhealthy eating habits.

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